Vitropan Material

As a team we can look back on many years of experience in the development, production and sale of our special products for interior design as furniture accessories, bathroom furniture and acrylic composite materials. Vitropan® Glass, Vitropan® Acrylic and Vitropan® Mirror laminates have been produced since 2008 in Schorndorf (Germany) – on the site of a decorative mouldings factory, which was founded in 1924. The glass plates can be machined in glass processing plants or supplied ready-machined. You can machine Vitropan® acrylic plates yourself using suitable machinery and tools or purchase it as a finished product. Vitropan® products are used throughout the furniture industry and in interior fit-outs, combined with timber and composite materials, used as laminar components or as decorative inlays, mouldings and trims.